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The Perfect Combination of Athletic Wear and Athleisure Wear. Our Gym Clothing Ensures Lasting Comfort during your Workouts and Everyday Activities.

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Fashionable Workout Clothes are a Must in every Wardrobe, so P1Fit has you Covered from Leggings to Crop Tops!

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Working Out At Home during COVID-19

Thousands of gyms across the globe have shut down due to COVID-19. If your go-to gym has also closed due to the pandemic, you may be anxious to find a way to workout at home. Well look no further, Phase1 has you Covered! Image Source: Working out without a gym seems impossible for some. […]

How to Make Better Choices at Restaurants (Staying fit without Restrictions)

Let’s play a quick game of, Making Better Choices at Restaurants™️ . (BETTER CHOICES is the key phrase here)Its not impossible to completely cut the restaurant lifestyle out of your newfound life,however, if you’re like me and with a big family that loves to celebrate every weekend, then you’re probably a pro at this already! […]

Our Beginner Ab Workout will Get you the Shredded core you dream of!(No Equipment Required)

Want 6 PACK ABS? We got your CORE covered ! Today I’m going to talk about my daily ab workout, and what I do to keep my core Strong and fortified like a brick wall ! My Current Routine is based off the same core workout that completely shredded my core in less than 3 […]

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