Looking for a Workout Routine that targets all Muscle Groups equally? We’ve got you covered for your New Year Fitness Transformation ! Time to get those Gains!!!

This Month I created a workout based on a theory I want to explore a bit. This Workout plan highlights a specific muscle each day, while also having secondary targets. This Pattern of rotating each muscle, and giving them their own day to dominate, will allow us to distribute our workload evenly throughout the month!

Enough with all the rambling! Here’s January’s Routine !!

Hope you guys enjoy! I’m going to be posting twice a week, on mondays and fridays. I’ll also be posting my routines for each month, just like 👆🏻today’s post ! Monday will helpful beginner fitness tips, and Friday’s are most likely going to be beginner workouts! Have a great day Lifters ! Let’s get fit together !

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