Beginner workout routines will continue every Friday! Here’s today’s Chest,Tricep, shoulder workout , also know as a Push Day.

“Before beginning a Workout Routine Always remember to warm-up for several minutes before performing at full potential, and perform multiple warm-up sets prior to the main set of your 1st lift!”

I decided to start off my weekly workout posts with dumbbells,because I believe dumbbells can be a great tool to get your body ready for the road ahead! I believe in preparing the body for its transformation. Dumbbells give us an opportunity to focus on form with a lighter weight, while demanding the entire bodies stabilization to balance the pair in unison! We all want to jump underneath a barbell and press Hundreds of pounds, but preparing ourselves mentally, while strengthening our bodies fundamentals will ultimately lead to our success in the gym!

This is the first Workout of many to come ! I know there isn’t much here now, but we will build a passionate community of helpful people, and together we will share our fitness knowledge. I started P1Fit to create a team of amazing individuals. Our team will define our brand, and our brand will belong to its team!

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