Proper food safety is key when Prepping for the days ahead. Today we’re focusing on properly storing our prepped foods for later use.

Food Safety comes first #inthekitchen !There’s tons of amazing #mealprep and #nutrition influencers out there, but I haven’t found a lot of posts on properly prepping and storing food!Often times, meal prep tutorials will offer step by step examples, on how to prep for the entire week, wich is perfectly fine, if done properly.

When prepping large quantity’s of food for later use, we should drop the temperature as quickly as possible,before storing in the refrigerator. With smaller portions of foods the safety risk is much lower, however immediately storing foods in sealed containers will ultimately slow the cooling process, leaving the gate open to food borne illnesses .I personally like to stay On the safe side.Nothing worse then getting sick and missing out on the #gains!

So how can we prevent this ? The easiest way to get it done is to create an ice bath in a large bowl (or you can use the sink),put your foods in a food safe bags and place them in the bath. The key is to drop the temp down to 70 degrees within 2 hours, allowing the food to safely drop below 41 degrees within 4 hours total. (With this technique it will take much less time.)Alternatively, small batches of food can be stored in loosely covered storage containers in the fridge, until temps drop to a safe level! Hope

that can help just a couple people who need it !!

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