Staying fit requires a Diet plan that you truly enjoy! If you’re forcing your fork down your throat, and holding your mouth shut as to keep yourself from spouting out a bland chicken and lettuce waterfall, you’re not going to continue consistently !💪🏻🤙🏻I learned this early on and taught myself to create delicious foods that fit my lifestyle(without cutting out anything I love of course) Here’s tonight’s Grilled Chicken, mixed veggie Dinner!

Check out our YouTube Video By Clicking/Tapping the Pictures Below !👇

There may have been another smaller peice of chicken that went missing 😅😏 To replenish the calories it took to make the video of course !

So today we are excited to announce the beginning of our YouTube Journey ! The First Video I posted is this easy Dinner/ Post Workout meal in a quick 2 min edit !

Today was Leg day, so my actual meal was in the 900 plus calorie range, but I adjusted the portioning here to fit an everyday meal plan ! I spent months tracking Calories and Macros, and it was a really fun and educating experience, but now it’s time for me to learn my body ! It’s important that we watch our diet , but if we rely on technology all the time, are you really figuring out what we actually need , or just following an app. I do plan on tracking again in the future, it’s just something that I currently can’t keep up with, as I am working on a hundred projects at once ! Well hope you guys enjoyed the Meal! Remember Get our there, find the workouts that are getting you results , and the foods you love to eat, and let’s find our FIT!!

Thanks again for all the support guys ! It’s been a blessing !

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