6 Pack Abs in Under 10 Minutes a day!

Want 6 PACK ABS? We got your CORE covered ! Today I’m going to talk about my daily ab workout, and what I do to keep my core Strong and fortified like a brick wall ! We’ll also translate it into a great Beginner Ab Workout!

My Current Routine is based off the same core workout that completely shredded my core in less than 3 months! (Beginner 10 min ab workout Requires no weights, but weights are recommended once you progress)

So before we jump into the Routine I’d like to discuss what we’re going to be working on.

The core is a combination of several muscles from the front and back of our body, and are key contributors to our body’s stabilization. We use them in most of our workouts without even realizing it!

It’s important to establish a strong core, not only to have Incredible 6 pack abs, but also to support our heavier lifts and continue to progress!

Here’s what my Ab Workout Could Look like for Beginners!

  • Lying Leg Lifts (1min)
  • 6 Inch holds (1min)
  • Russian twists (1min)
  • Alternating heal reach (1min)
  • V ups (1min)
  • Planks (1min)

Each of these Core workouts can be progressed to increase difficulty from beginner to advanced!
For example, once leg lifts become simple for you, try hanging leg lifts ! Remember always warm up before working out.

Its important to activate your Core Prior to your Ab Workout, and only perform the workouts that you feel comfortable with.

It’s easy for beginners to overuse the lower back on these exercises without ever really working the core at all! Be safe, pick the workouts that you enjoy, and go out there and crush it!

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