Thousands of gyms across the globe have shut down due to COVID-19.

If your go-to gym has also closed due to the pandemic, you may be anxious to find a way to workout at home. Well look no further, Phase1 has you Covered!

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Working out without a gym seems impossible for some. Fortunately there are many workouts that can be performed at home with little to no equipment. Pending on your goal, you may have to alter them a bit but, here are a few great exercises to keep you fit during COVID-19.


Unfortunately, not even COVID-19 can stop leg day. Squats workout most of the muscles in your lower body including quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and even your core.

Squats can be performed with or without weights, and can be done just about anywhere. 

To perform a squat properly, place your feet shoulder width apart and grip your dumbbells so that they are resting against the front of your shoulders. Squat by pushing your knees to the side as you move your hips back.

Keep lowering yourself until your hips are lower than your knees. Then squat back up while keeping your chest up and holding your knees out.


Push-ups are the most basic exercise that can be performed at home. They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. They can even strengthen your core and lower back when performed using the right form.

The most basic push-up involves placing your hands beneath your shoulders and straightening out your back, before slowly lowering yourself to the ground.

You should make sure to keep your back straight and avoid letting your lower body sag during this process. Then gently exhale and push yourself back to your starting position.

Try different varietys, and speeds to keep the workout fresh. As you Progress you must continue to challenge yourself! Incorporating drop-sets, or adding weight to your back is a great way to advance the workout! get creative and keep it fun!


Dips can work hand in hand with Pushups to continue your Upper body Training. Pending on the variation, Dips are a great way to target the Triceps, and or the Pectoral muscles.

Using the ground or a solid ledge (Side of a couch or Stairs) Place your hands to your side slightly behind your body. Hands firmly balanced and pointed away from the body, slowly let your body drop down until your elbows create about a 90 degree angle. Before any discomfort occurs, proceed to push your body back to the starting posistion using your Triceps! 

Outdoor Jog

This one may not be for everyone, as social distancing is making it tough to get anything done let alone work out. If possible, get out and go for a walk or even jog a bit! Its fairly easy to social distance while running unless your residential living area is full of athletes, you should have no problem taking a stroll around the neighberhood. 

It’s totally optional, but I believe it is necesary for us to get some sun and fresh air. Be Safe, wear a mask, stay 6 ft apart and youll be fine!

These few exercises are effective for working out your upper and lower body, and can help you maintain your form in the absence of a gym. No one knows when the COVID-19 crisis will be resolved, so it’s great to know there are ways to stay fit at home in the meantime.

For the Pros

If you’re a total machine and really need to challenge yourself, I’m linking this video from the GOAT, Jeff Cavaliere From Athleanx, for the perfect home workout! Here’s the link!

P.s. Next week we’re excited to release our new Blog Series! We’ll be Highlighting our favorite Athletes, Influencers, and Trainers from across social media, that are staying positive and continuing to help others during this uncertain time. Stay positive out there P1 Nation. We’re right here with you, and we will push through this together. Lets come out on top stronger, smarter, and more prepared then before!

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