The Power of Motivation Feat.Mike Rosa of Anabolic Aliens

Staying Motivated for your Workouts with Support from the Community:Featuring Mike Rosa From Anabolic Aliens

Fitness motivators and influencers are the top encouragers in our Fitness community, but where is that motivation coming from? What does it mean to motivate?

In the fitness community we motivate because we achieve goals. When we reach our milestones and continue building success in our training programs, we become empowered with confidence.

When you first step into the world of fitness it can be a very overwhelming place. With several different workouts and diet plans, it’s easy to get lost in all of the information and any hopes of success would appear unattainable.

Without focusing too heavily on a beginner lesson, we clear up a small amount of confusion by focusing on these helpful tips:

Focus on the small goals, while still having long term goals. Aim for lasting results, not a temporary fix. Create a life around health and fitness, instead of adding fitness to your current life.

It’s all about how you approach it. In an ultra compressed way to explain it, I would say it’s a process of transitioning your current habits, into new better choice habits.

Any Type of Exercise can be Helpful

According to studies encompassing good moods and physical activity, it’s been found that people who work out even once a week for as little as 10 minutes a day have a tendency to be more content than those who never exercise.

Another interesting fact is that exercise has also been proven to lower stress levels, increase energy, boost metabolism, and build confidence.

All of these factors feed into our confidence, driving us to further our greatness. How you use that confidence, is what defines who you are.

In one hand we have the motivated. These people use all of their confidence and energy to hone their skills. These masters of consistency dedicate all of that confidence into their training to continue to push past their limits.

In the other hand we have the motivators. The people who share their confidence and dedicate themselves to helping others succeed.

The drive to help others comes directly from our experiences. We tell people they can do something, because we know it can be done from personal experience.

All the online trainers, influencers, and fitness gurus out their are able to do all of this because they have built a passion for the lifestyle. That passion is what they are passing on to their viewers, clients, and followers.

Mike Rosa CEO Anabolic Aliens

When it comes to motivating others, there is no one more passionate about his work or as dedicated to helping others than Mike Rosa, CEO/Founder of Anabolic Aliens.

If you haven’t found Mike via his constantly growing YouTube channel, and his legendary 5 minute workout series, we highly recommend checking him out! In a quick 5 year span, Mike has amassed nearly 700,000 followers on his YouTube channel for his amazing content he creates to help athletes of all skill levels.

With a BA in Nutrition and Wellness and 2 Powerlifting World records behind his lifting belt, Mike is set in stone as one of the top Fitness Influencers in our social world!

The P1Team has been following Mike for some time now, and what impresses us most about him is his limitless work ethic.

From dropping workout videos daily for an entire month on YouTube and Instagram, providing personal coaching, creating his Exerprise mobile app and building his Anabolic Aliens brand, no one “gets after it” better than Mike Rosa.

He has a natural gift for inspiring others, and stands out from the rest by really making you feel involved in his workouts instead of just following a routine.

With the perfect mix of fitness motivation and workout knowledge, you’ll find no better person to get your fit life jump started, or improve on your current goals!

During these uncertain times we currently face, we decided to reach out to Mike and ask him a few questions for our viewers about himself, current matters, as well as how he’s continuing to pursue his selfless goals in the midst of the social distancing timeline.

Before we jump to some current situations can you tell us what made you start your Brand Anabolic Aliens?

– Anabolic Aliens started as more of a hobby than a brand. At the very start, the only intention was to post YouTube videos to share progress, workouts, and fitness tips that were helping me along with my journey in the hopes it could maybe help someone else’s too. It was something I loved, so it was always a blast! I was never a confident person before I started getting into exercise. Fitness change my life completely making me more confident in who I was as a person which skyrocketed my happiness. I wanted others to be able to experience that same feeling. No business, just passion is what truly began Anabolic Aliens and that’s also why it was called Anabolic Aliens to be different. Not just another fitness company, but we have a lot of fun as we work hard getting them gains out of this world in whatever way makes you happiest. No ‘this is the only way’, but here are a ton of ways so do what’s best for you! As this message spread to more people and the Anabolic Aliens following grew, that’s when things got serious because now we had a community built, establishing a brand identity. Wanting to help this community in every way possible is how Anabolic Aliens became more than just a brand, but a business. Every day this business operates with the same purpose that Anabolic Aliens was started, to help people get to their next level on their fitness journey physically and mentally.

What has Motivated you to help others stay fit through the Covid-19 Lockdown?

– You see so many complaints about being unable to go to the gym, which yeah it sucks. The way I look at it though is it’s just a new opportunity to try different types of training. Who knows, you may stumble upon your new favorite method that gives you the best results you’ve ever seen! I’m motivated more than ever now to push all my variety of workouts in hopes I can help more people find the routines they’ve been looking for all along that not only provides them physical progress, but also always keep them mentally motivated. I created my workout app Exerprise to help with exactly these scenarios when we’re limited on equipment or time. There is always a way to get them gains if you’re willing to put in the work. I’m pumped up to provide more training opportunities to keep it intense and fun right from home!

What does Mike Rosa do in his free time to during Social Distancing?

– I wish I had free time! Haha My business has been busier than ever now with this lockdown since I’ve been releasing home workout routines for years at this point. The attention to my brand has increased over 300% due to social distancing and I’m grinding every day to maximize this traffic and help provide as much as I can to the Alien community. To be honest, I’m working every day to build something massive. I don’t want free time, I love what I do. Before I fall asleep though, I try to get in a new episode of Ozark! If it were summer in Boston, I always try to make some beach trips happen too. Love the ocean!

Where do you see Anabolic Aliens in 5 years?

– I see my brand truly changing the fitness industry. We are working with patented AI technology to make the workout experience not just more effective, but more efficient than ever. I want to be able to help people at scale while still being able to personalize their experience to keep them progressing and enjoying the process. Anabolic Aliens will be turning from business into corporation with multiple subsidiaries. The Alien team behind and in front of the scenes will grow larger and larger. I plan on making some major noise in the fitness industry in 5 years!

Any words of wisdom to keep people on track motivated? And anything you want to add in about your brand or projects?

– Look at opportunity, not restriction. You have the power to push forward, don’t let what’s out of your control hold you back. Keep going and have no limits!

If you haven’t heard of the Anabolic Aliens brand yet, check us out on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn. Our website where we sell fitness programs, personalized training, apparel, and release weekly blogs is Download our workout app Exerprise free from the App or Play Store. Exerprise is the world’s first workout generator that uses advanced filtering technology to give you the best workout possible no matter what your time availability or equipment accessibility is!

Thanks for having me on Phase Fit Team!

We are truly honored to have been able to ask Mike some questions and taking the time to talk to our community. There’s a lot to look forward to from Anabolic Aliens, and we’re really excited to see just how far he’ll go!

Let’s Come Out on Top Fitfam

With an overwhelming struggle comes an unmatched unity, especially in the fitness community.

We come together when times are rough, to motivate each other when we need it the most. We’ve said it a hundred times, but we will come out of this on top, and we will continue to progress together after our gyms reopen and our daily lives continue.

How are you staying motivated? Who’s your favorite Fitness influencer or motivator ?? Let us know in the comments!

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