The Future of Online Training

In the World of Social Distancing, Will We See increased Demand for Online Training ?

With the new era of Social Distancing, what could the Future hold for Online Fitness Training. And what opportunities may arise for Online Trainers and Nutrition Coaches?

Health Clubs have been the number one spot to get in shape for countless years. Aside from the awesome equipment, they also offer a place for fellow fitness enthusiasts to socialize. But in this new world of social distancing will we see a rise in online training? Or possibly an entire new world of virtual training?

Health Clubs Offering Online Training

Before we dive deep into the future, let’s talk about a local response to the matter. With gym capacities being limited and the continued COVID-19 threat, gyms may have to consider new ways to reach members.

Aside from the capacity and social distancing issues, members may have concerns regarding their health and safety. This may lead to a slow return for health clubs, and possible cancelations.

The gyms have already taken a hit from the closures and limitations. So we believe this may be a cause for concern if the gyms have trouble profiting. A loss in profit may eventual force health clubs to close their doors again, permanently. And we definitely don’t want that!

A few ways to reduce these hopefully unlikely scenarios may be to consider offering personal training and online classes.

Several health clubs have offered live group classes to their members amidst the social distancing closures. In-shape Health Clubs, One of the top Clubs in CA, have been actively offering live classes since the gym closures began.

We believe this will be an increasing trend for health clubs, and a gateway to offering a more personal approach such as online personal training.

It could be a big win for corporate gyms who have the capitol to get it done. They can easily introduce this into their webpages and quickly get it out to the people who need it.

The health clubs already have trainers on staff ready who can easily be trained to virtually coach members. This way trainers being limited in their normal roles due to social distancing can contribute with online training instead.

The Online Trainer Community is Booming

Since the lockdowns began online Trainers have stayed busy with increased clients. In our previous article featuring Anabolic Aliens Mike Rosa, Mike mentioned he had a 300% increase in program sales.

These are some incredible numbers. And the demand for online coaches may be on the rise. With social media to compensate for the inability to physically socialize, the world is realizing the potential the fitness community has to offer!

Personal trainers can virtually coach their clients in the comfort of their own home. They can offer library’s of workout content to keep clients active between sessions. They can also keep the motivation going with weekly check-ins using video chat capabilities.This more personal approach can be very effective to client success.

The versatility of exercise counters the need for expensive equipment. However the gym equipment industry has also been hard at work. Most of the sporting isles in department stores similar to the paper and water isles. And online inventory of weightlifting equipment was virtually unavailable. (Except resistance Bands)

VR Fitness, Video Games, and Beyond

With increased online demand for fitness, competition and innovation may emerge. The future may hold incredible advancements in software and technology development.

Way may see incredible virtual workout sessions and gyms. For instance Black Box VR is a unique virtual reality fitness experience that completely submerges users into their workouts. And it’s fully equipped with a virtual trainer and offers a unique user experience.

Their equipment and software track and reward your progress with a ranking system. As you increase weight and reps you rank up. In addition to increasing real life strength the game displays your actual improvement furthering motivation.

The idea is to increase your desire to level up. In return you will gain the motivation needed to stay consistent. These factors together will create a cycle that leads to lasting consistency and dedication.

The Founders of Black Box, believe that within five years every gym will have a product in gaming or VR. The current state of fitness due to COVID-19 may speed up that process.

Continue to Grind!

Whatever the outcome may hold, the fitness community will continue making breakthroughs. We lost our gyms, but continue to find ways to get it done!

We have continued to watch the community band together and continue to motivate each other. We are truly inspired by everyone who has been crushing it regardless of our current position.

We’re literally watching people get killer workouts with normal household items and it AWESOME! We watched a video of a man doing a single arm curl tutorial with his vacuum. and you could see the pump being chased in his eyes!

Awesome stuff from everyone. Keep the motivation going, if you haven’t joined the community hop on Facebook or Instagram and set up a fitness profile! Amazing community filled with support and encouragement.

Really the back bone of our brand. If it wasn’t for the community we would never have had the motivation to get P1Fit started! Thanks everyone for reading! Until next time P1 Nation!!

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  1. Great article. I think there will definitely be an upward trend in online training even when the gym’s do open. Im going to be doing this with my own site in the bear future as well in some capacity.

    1. Thanks man ! That’s awesome ! Yeah I felt like it would be good to look at some of the positives that can come out of all of this. Everyone is drawn into the negatives but there’s really nothing we can do about it. The fitness community just want to continue grinding it out at any cost. I really think online training has been helping a ton of people continue to progress though these crazy times!

      1. Definitely. I think there are a lot of positives honestly. A chance to work on weaknesses, to be more prepared in the future, and I’ve kind of enjoyed the slower pace at times. Always have to find the positive and keep moving forward.

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