How I Lost 50 Pounds Eating “Healthy” at Taco Bell… Everyday

Is Taco Bell Healthy?

The first question everyone is probably wondering is how can taco bell be healthy? Is there some secret Taco Bell diet menu hidden behind those oil-drenched Chalupas?

Unfortunately there is no secret healthy menu, however, Taco Bell has been making great progress! Over the past 5 years they have updated many of their recipes and added healthier options for their guests!

From creating the fresco style substitution (replacing dairy with pico) to adding they’re under 500 Cal power bowls, healthy options at Taco Bell continue to appear.

When dieting, eating fast food is probably the last place you want to consider. Which brings us to our next question. Why in the world did I eat Taco Bell every day when I was trying to lose weight?

My Taco Bell Fitness Journey

Funny enough, I was actually working at Taco Bell for years before I started my weight loss journey. Through years of several failed diets and workout plans, I finally got my act together and got it done.

I lost 50lbs in about 6 months and have become dedicated to fitness ever since. It really came down to taking my previous lifestyle and gradually making changes to better myself.

I learned to make better choice versions of my own favorite foods at home. I also started lifting weights as well as other workouts and exercises. But throughout the process I never sacrificed the things I love. I began my life of balanced nutrition and learned to eat healthy!

Using this balance I was able to find healthy meal options at Taco Bell! I was also able to calculate my calorie intake for my day and include meals that fit my plan. Finding out how much you need to eat to achieve your weight loss goals is the key to your success.

When eating healthy at fast-food restaurants, knowing your calorific allowance plays a critical role in determining what we should or should not eat.

Healthy Options at Taco Bell

It’s tough to eat healthy food at Mexican restaurants, however, I’m up for the challenge! The key to eating healthy at restaurants is making better choices. If you can learn how to make better choices than you normally would then you will create a balance that will keep you consistent.

Finding healthier choices at restaurants doesn’t always mean sacrificing taste! There are loads of delicious better option foods being prepared at almost every restaurant these days.

Here’s my list of the healthier Taco Bell options food options at Taco Bell!

The Healthiest Taco Bell Menu Item is….

You guessed it The 470 Calorie Power Menu Bowl! ( Formerly known as the Cantina Bowl) This Bowl is packed with volume that will completely stop those cravings! At under 500 calories and 24 grams of protein, this bowl is easily the healthiest choice at Taco Bell.

To add a bit of an insider bonus, I decided to give some special modifications to the Power Menu Bowl that I still enjoy to this day!

The Full Power Bowl(More Protein)

This option is for those who are aiming to build muscle and require increase protein in their meals. The only real difference is adding another serving of protein. Just say extra meat when ordering and your good to go!

Next is the Low Carb Bowl(AKA The Keto Bowl)

This version removes the beans and rice lowering the Carbs in the power bowl. (54 grams) Don’t be afraid to add an extra serving of protein to this version as well!

Lastly we have the Fresco option(No Dairy)

I didn’t create the fresco option but during my time at Taco Bell, the fresco power menu bowls somewhat of a rarity. Nothing says let’s take something healthy and make it healthier like a fresco power menu bowl.

Of course all of these can be modified to your needs. Taco Bell offers something special for everyone in terms of customization. Every one of their menu items can be modified to specific needs.

For example, any item on Taco Bell’s menu can be made vegetarian by replacing the meat with beans. Taco Bell’s vegetarian menu has no limits. Every item at Taco Bell can be made Vegetarian.

Also just about every item can be made vegan! Taco Bell’s Vegan options are only limited to sides of Nacho Cheese and a few limited time only items. Replacing meat with beans and ordering fresco style is the key to making any item at Taco Bell vegan!

Other top taco bell healthy items include

Taco Bell Chicken Tacos Regular 160 Cal or Fresco 140 Cal with 10g Protein Crunchy or soft.

Spicy Tostada with Chicken Fresco 270 Cal or Regular 260 Cal with 16g Protein,

Chicken Burrito Supreme Regular 390 Cal, Fresco 340 Cal with 18g Protein or in a Bowl ( No Tortilla) Regular 190 Cal or Fresco 140 Cal

Bonus! Taco Bell Healthy Choices for Breakfast!

Grande Toasted Breakfast Burrito 560 Cal with 27g of Protein or fresco 470 Cal. We can also subtract the Potatoes dropping the Calories to 470 Regular and 370 Fresco.

Let’s create a healthier option at Taco Bell for Breakfast!

Taco Bell Breakfast Power Bowl

If you want to be one of those people that order food with crazy modifications (me) I have the perfect scrambler plate for you. This is only available during breakfast hours! Here’s what you need to do.

Order as follows: Steak Power Menu Bowl with re fried beans instead of black beans, no lettuce or avocado ranch, add eggs!

This is a massive breakfast bowl! Pound for pound, this makes for a much healthier option than a lot of other fast food joints. If you’ve got a big breakfast craving, this is the way to go!

Link to Taco Bells Nutrition Page!

What it Takes to be Healthy

In conclusion, when attempting to eat healthily at fast-food restaurants, it’s important to know what your calorie needs are according to your diet goals. You may be holding yourself accountable and staying away from fast food altogether, and that is perfectly fine!

I created this article to show that you can achieve your goals without completely changing your life overnight. I created this to show the everyday person who doubts their abilities that you definitely CAN do it.

This lifestyle is about consistency over perfection. Were all real people and our imperfections push us to further our greatness. If you can win your small battles through your nutrition and workouts success your results will follow.

Seeing your results will drive you to continue making better decisions, in return building a healthy lifestyle. Just like everything in life, your success is determined by the amount of passion you devote to your goals.

Think about anything you have ever been great at. Something you can talk about for hours and have studied vigorously to broaden your knowledge on the topic. Even a hobby that you spend hours of your time mastering. That drive to improve, to learn and to master is the key to your fitness.

Finding healthy options at Taco Bell was just a small part of the process for me. Making Fitness and Nutrition that hobby you’re passionate about, you will create a successful lifestyle change.

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