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Adding Volume to Lose Weight and Eat More

It’s that time of year again people! That’s right cutting season! With summer right around the corner it’s time to quit the bulk and convert to a portion control diet! Aka getting ready for summer.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply lose weight by eating more delicious food? I would personally love to eat as much as possible. Food is one of the greatest joys of our world, and a huge part of staying consistent is loving the food that we eat.

However there comes a time when we must buckle down to achieve our goals or better our health. A time when we must cut some weight by making a few better meal decisions.

So let’s start by starring at a cookie for 5 minutes while drinking a glass of water! Yum! There must be another way to satisfy your cravings! There must be some miracle diet that can assist you on your weight loss journey! Right?

How To Stop Cravings

Look no further Fitness enthusiasts! I have just the miracle diet for you! (Hold the miracle) I do however know how to stop cravings from interfering with your healthy diet, and ensuring a consistent transition to your new nutrition plan!

True to the title of the article, I want to share a few ways to eat more to lose weight! But before you sprint to the fridge and eat a block of cheese let me explain my method.

First you must understand that when I say eating more food, I mean increased better choices foods! Foods that are high volume with low calories (low-density foods) added to your normal meals can assist you on your diet plan.

To explain further I’ve created a fictional fitness character by the name Johnny, to demonstrate the process.

Example: Lose Weight Eat More with Johnny

When Bulking, Johnny eats a dinner plate including a 6oz Steak, 1 cup of potatoes, a piece of garlic bread, and some steamed veggies. In total Johnny’s meal is roughly 800-900 Cal.

After generating some amazing gains via his bulk, it’s now time for Johnny to Cut some weight. Being a seasoned Veteran, Johnny knows exactly what he needs to do to get this cut underway to achieve that summer bod in no time.

Using the same dinner example, Johnny will increase the volume of his meal (Eating more to Lose Weight) and reduce the total calories on his plate. To achieve this he simply cut his serving of potato’s to 1/2 a cup, removes the garlic bread from the meal, increases his serving of veggies, and adds a generous dinner salad to the meal!

We can definitely learn a lot from Johnny and his ability to make better decisions in the kitchen! Adding a large dinner salad instead of the bread saved home about 300 calories and dropped his meal total to about 500-600 calories.

He also added volume which filled his stomach and in return helped stop his cravings! He could have even added a serving of grilled chicken to the salad and been significantly under his previous 800-900 calorie meal.

It’s all about making creating small victories on every plate. Every small, better choice you make will lead to your future success. Including the foods you love while adding some more volume with better option foods. That’s what this is all about. That’s how I personally build a balanced nutrition that keeps me consistent all year round.

Portion Control Diet

Adding volume to your diet will not only keep your cravings in check but also help boost your metabolism. When starting a diet plan it’s important to ease into the process.

Far to often people jump into a diet and force themselves into a huge caloric deficit. This often leads to failed consistency and constant cravings. The reason for this is because, your stomach is accustomed to a certain routine. It knows what you normally eat and is prepared to continue doing so.

Therefore the best plan of action would be to slowly decrease your calories from week to week until your body adjusts to the reduced food intake. And also adding better choice foods to your normal meals while reducing some of the heavier foods. Just like Johnny did!

When you slowly begin the process of dieting, eating more low-density foods is a great way to lose weight. Filling up your stomach with these low-calorie foods will keep you in a calorific deficit and keep your stomach full.

Calorie Tracking Apps

If you’re new to the game I have a great technique that will make all of this much easier to understand!

Download a calorie tracking app like My a Fitness Pal or Lose It. I’ve personally used Lose It for several years but both work perfectly for this scenario.

I want you to track your calorific intake for an entire week. To the best of your ability track every meal and beverage without making any changes to your current diet.

Once your week is up you’ll be able to get a good look at areas where you can easily make improvements. You can also set up a meal schedule based on trends in your eating habits. Planning your meals ahead is an extremely effective way to hold yourself accountable and keep consistent.

The second week make adjustments and lower your calorie intake by 100 Cal each day until you reach your calorie budget goal. Remember, easing into the diet will help stay consistent.

Taking this steady approach is going to help you achieve your goals and stay on track. Using high volume foods to eat more food and lose weight will make cutting calories as easy as pie.

Eating Out Healthy

No one is asking you to completely cut out the foods you love. Making better food choices on a consistent basis allows me to have the foods I love without regrets. Stay Consistent and enjoy your life!

Fortunately my technique is a great method when Eating out healthily. If you’ve cut out the restaurant life altogether that’s perfectly fine! However for people like myself who enjoy the foodie life, we can implement high volume and calorie tracking to create a healthy option at restaurants.

Learning to eat Healthy at Restaurants can be a powerful tool in your meal plan arsenal.

Example of my Dinner While eating at the Cheesecake Factory using the Lose It App

Creating a balance is the key to my success. Making consistently better choices will keep me on the right path. When you stay consistent you get results. When you get results you become motivated. Once your motivated you become passionate. Once you build the passion you’ve created a new lifestyle.


Bonus Tip!

Make sure you understand your calorie demands when starting your cut. Are you a very active person with a full-time job? It’s possible you require many more calories than you think.

This can be detrimental to your success and consistency. Plus you will be able to eat more food you love to lose weight! Who doesn’t want that? Determine your needs and accomplish your goals! Because anyone can do it if they have the confidence and motivation to take action!

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