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Losing weight by eating more food
Michael Gonzales

How to Eat More to Lose Weight

Eat more to lose weight to stop the cravings. Increasing the volume of lower calorie better choice foods while decreasing some of the more questionable food choices is a great way to stay full and get lean!

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How I lost 50lbs eating healthy at Taco Bell
Michael Gonzales

Eating Healthy at Taco Bell

How to Eat Healthy at Taco Bell: When eating healthy at fast food restaurants, knowing your calorific allowance plays a critical role in determining what we should or should not eat. Making better choices with the options available to us makes finding healthy options at Taco Bell much easier. With Taco Bell’s Power MENU bowl, fresco style items, and various vegan and vegetarian options, Taco Bell is making huge progress towards a healthier menu.

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Our latest Fitness blog entry about the rise of online training
Michael Gonzales

The Future of Online Training

With the new era of Social Distancing, what could the Future hold for Online Fitness Training. And what opportunities may arise for Online Trainers and Nutrition Coaches?

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Gym motivation expert and top fitness influencer Mike Rosa
Fitness and Nutrition Blog
Samantha Hinson

The Power of Motivation

When your first decide to get in better shape, nothing is harder than becoming consistent. The power of Motivation in the fitness community is something we value here at P1Fit. Read in to hear our favorite influencer/motivator in the fitness industry Mike Rosa of Anabolic Aliens!

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